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Da Vinci® XI Surgical System

DavinciThe Midwest Institute of Robotic Surgery at Silver Cross Hospital is home to the da Vinci® XI™ Surgical System, the most advanced minimally invasive option for complex surgeries in the areas of colorectal, general, gynecologic and urologic surgery.  The XI system’s enhancements include:

  • Articulating instruments
  • Sharper 3D-HD visualization
  • Intuitive and greater range of motion

The XI allows the surgeon to explore a different part of the body mid-operation without repositioning the entire apparatus.  It has four arms mounted onto an overhead boom architecture that can rotate and pivot into virtually any position. The arms can even be disconnected and reconnected mid-procedure if necessary.  Further, the endoscope used to see what’s inside the body delivers sharper and more defined three-dimensional images (10 times greater that the human eye). It can also be attached to any of the robotic arms, which lets the surgeon scope out the surgical area with more flexibility. The arms of the da Vinci XI are smaller, thinner and have a greater range of motion. Even the instrument shafts — the sleeves that are inserted inside the incision — are longer so that surgeons can probe further than before.