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What is an Ovarian Cystectomy?

An Ovarian Cystectomy is a procedure for those benign conditions of the ovary in which a cyst can be removed and when you and your doctor want to leave a functional ovary in place. This is particularly true in women who are still in their child bearing years. 

Benefits to a Robotic Cystectomy

During a robotic cystectomy just three to five small incisions are made through the abdomen so patients, can get back to life faster without the usual recovery following major surgery. In addition, there are many potential benefits over traditional open surgery, including minimal blood loss, less scarring, shorter hospital stay, low risk of complications, and a faster recovery. 

How Does it Work?

During the procedure, the physician sits comfortably at a console, viewing a 3D, high-definition image of the patient’s anatomy. The doctor uses controls below the viewer to move the instrument arms and camera.  In real-time, the system translates the surgeon’s hand, wrist and finger movements into more precise movements of the miniaturized instruments inside the patient.

Talk to your doctor to decide if robotic surgery is right for you. As with any surgery, there are risks.


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